Geometry Activities

Activities with Geometer's Sketchpad (GSP)

ContentAuthorGSP linkFile Size
TriangleEzgi CalliFile3 KB
Right triangleEzgi CalliFile4 KB
Equilateral TriangleEzgi CalliFile3 KB
Phytagoras ProofEzgi CalliFile5 KB
SquareEzgi CalliFile3 KB
Square diagonalEzgi CalliFile3 KB
ReflectionEzgi CalliFile3 KB
Reflection TraceEzgi Calli2 KBKB
Line EquationEzgi CalliFile3 KB
HexagonEzgi CalliFile10 KB
TransformationEzgi CalliFile5 KB
Perpendicular LinesEzgi CalliFile3 KB
Theorem ProofEzgi CalliFile6 KB
SnowflakeEzgi CalliFile4 KB
CycloidEzgi CalliFile2 KB

Activities with Geogebra

ContentAuthorGGB linkFile Size
Unit CircleEzgi CalliFile6 KB
TransformationsEzgi CalliFile10 KB
SineEzgi CalliFile32 KB
PolygonEzgi CalliFile6 KB
CotangentEzgi CalliFile5 KB
Construction ProtocoleEzgi CalliFile5 KB
Circle and PolygonEzgi CalliFile6 KB